July 18, 1999, Sunday
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Christopher Whittier rides the information highway and the concrete highway at the same time.

Driving home at 4 one morning in Markham, Ontario, just north of Toronto, from what he foggily recalls was a social occasion, he took a call on his cell phone from a business prospect in Saudi Arabia inquiring about iQuote, the business management software created by Mr. Whittier's company, Results International.

He wanted to conduct business then and there,'' said Mr. Whittier, 29, the chief executive of Results. ''So I pulled over to prepare documentation and sent it to him in very short order.

As barriers of time and geography have fallen to technology, Mr. Whittier has had three vehicles -- an Acura NSX, an Acura Legend and a Lexus RX 300 -- wired for business on the road, at a cost of $15,000 to $20,000 each.

The front passenger seat in each one is outfitted to accommodate a laptop computer, a portable printer, a digital camera, two cell phones, a digital recorder, a video recorder and a Webcam.

The equipment, he said, lets him follow his company's mantra: I must do the most productive thing at every possible moment.

While other people are stuck in traffic, listening to the radio, that's when I'm most productive, Mr. Whittier said. When someone calls and says, 'I want to see your software,' I'll find myself a spot facing Lake Ontario, pull over and have a little office.

Occasionally, work takes a back seat. To take a break, he rents a video and pulls into a fast-food restaurant. LISA NAPOLI

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