The rapid acceptance of iQuote Express in the market and by other software developers is based on Results International’s careful listening to requests by programmers and end users like you. The following summarizes things that iQuote Express delivers on that have made it a success. 

Ease of Use

q       iQuote Express was built to work the way YOU work….
q       Step   I: Select your Customer 
q       Step  II: Select the Items to Quote On
Step III: Change the Quote to Reflect any Peculiarities of your target audience
Step IV :Send it Out

 This no nonsense approach is supported with a wealth of usage aids such as talking demos, very strategic tool tips, and a “Left to Right Icon Methodology “ to creating quotations.

 q       iQuote Express’ focus is on Usage Workflow Effectiveness  ……. 
Not Disconnected Functionality Overflow

 q       iQuote Express functionality is easy to access, powerful, and most of all, Simple to Use

 q       Most functions can be accomplished in iQuote Express within 6 mouse clicks.

 q       Results International is pioneering a new trend to achieve the most effective application usage with the least           amount of mouse clicks possible… Thus allowing iQuote Express users to focus on business …  not software

Sending your Quotes by Internet above and Beyond Conventional Hard Copy Form

q       Sending quotes via the Internet  as PDF[1] or RTF files can help you spin circles around your competitors that still are sending quotes only by fax. Emailed quotes are easier for your customers to review and distribute internally, thus putting your quote at the ‘Top of the Heap’

The ability to send Quotes with OLE[2] files and related attachments to customers over the Internet


q        Sometimes just Sending  a Quote is not enough to Close Business

-Letters of Reference, an MS Word Proposal, Scanned Drawings, an MS Project Plan etc. may be necessary for you to send your customers in order for them to get the full picture of your  product/service offering.

-Combine this functionality with iQuote Express’ powerful quoting database engine (for quick retrieval  & manipulation) and you have a tool that will enable you to further attain your customers’ mind share while your competitors are still sending quotes through outdated methods.

 Reading of Email Addresses from your favorite CRM[3] package

 q       iQuote Express instinctively reads the email address of your customers that reside in your CRM application, this making it easier to send quotations to your prospect & customer base.

 Seamless Integration with your CRM, iQuote Express and your Accounting System while in the Field.

 q       Finally you or your satellite office(s) can create quotations in the field and, synchronize pricing, quotes & completed orders with your head office. In moments the accepted orders can be transferred to your accounting[4] system without retyping anything !!

Is your Accounting or ERP system iQuote Compatible ??
If not, you may want to suggest it to them.

 How it Works

q       With the synchronization component of your CRM activated, iQuote reads the name and addresses detail from your CRM. With your acquisition of iQuote Replication for NT, iQuote Express will synchronize net changes from your field computer(s) to iQuote Express in your head office. Based on the options and intervals you determine,  iQuote Express will consolidate and harmonize pricelists and completed orders from the field with your Accounting system !

 The End Results include:

 q       True Closed Loop Selling

Your customer/prospect data is entered once into your  CRM application, read by iQuote Express and pushed into the accounting system when the Quotation is accepted   

 q       Seamless Front Office and Back Office Integration

Your sales team is free to sell and manage quotations in the field while providing Accounting with the proper information to invoice orders.

  q       Increased Cash Flow care of improved turn around time between transforming accepted quotations into accounting generated.

q       Increased Administrative Efficiency by reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes by retyping orders into your accounting system.

This process translates into the most effective CRM to Accounting link 
on the market for mobile quoting professionals.

 Proven, Field Tested Replication

  iQuote Replication for NT  has been in field use for a year prior to introduction to the general market.

The replication engine is completely separate from the synchronization component of your CRM package. This ensures that we can provide you with additional functionality and workflow effectiveness on a timeline within our control. 


iQuote Express has a migration path to iQuote 5.0 Professional Series as well as  the upcoming iQuote for SQL. This ensures that you will never outgrow your usage and investment with iQuote Express as your company expands.

Thus your investment in iQuote Express will be amortized for the long term. Results International is the only vendor who currently provides this migration philosophy.

iQuote Express can operate

                 Stand Alone                         


                 Mobile with Synchronization


One of Microsoft's first database connection technologies was DDE[5]. More recent technologies such as ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and OLE automation were developed.

iQuote utilizes ODBC connectivity and OLE Automation.

This allows iQuote Express to handle your growing CRM databases faster than applications that use the slower and older DDE technology.

With several CRM packages you can even use iQuote without having  your CRM open.                              

            Open Architecture

                        iQuote Express is written 100% in MS Access

iQuote’s origins have been in MS Access database since inception.

Recent developments at Microsoft allow MS Access to be extended into very large corporations, and multiple platforms. The scale ability of the programming language, in conjunction with its connectability with other Microsoft products such as MS office etc allow integrators and customers to link, build or tie other applications to iQuote Express in order to further enhance the value to the end user.  iQuote Express

ODBC tables, Reports and Screens are kept open so SQL and ODBC statements can be applied to the database.


One customer in Mexico even created a Spanish version of the Quote reports on their own for the Mexican market ...if you have access to MS Access developers (a very common skill set in the IT industry) you can build, use and potentially resell add ons to iQuote Express  …That is  powerful...


Field Tested Links to Distributor and Vendor

Price Lists that can be used

Off line and realistically On line


Users are very happy with the effective and use friendly

Price Book Manager within iQuote Express.


            iQuote Express allows the following usage effectiveness

q       Import of price lists from various formats including Excel and ASCII, Access and Comma Delimited.

q       Ability to save the Price Book Import routines in order to re use for future price updates.

q   Ability to Protect your Product Descriptions, from being overwritten by updates.

  This is where many other applications fail.

An on line link to price books from your vendor’s may force you to use their standard product descriptions….which may not be effective for your target audience.

As a result you may be forced to retype the descriptions every time you quote on the item.

Recognizing this, iQuote Express allows you to import price lists and protect your product descriptions (that you’ve created for your market), cost or selling price from being price updates !!!

If a price for a product you quoted on two months ago has changed … iQuote Express will notify you  the next time you retrieve the quote !!

q       Ability to import multiple price lists from multiple vendors…

q       Gone are the days of lugging heavy product catalogues around.


[1] Adobe Acrobat Writer is required
OLE is an Acronym for Object Linking and Embedding, the ability to link files from one program to another
CRM is an Acronym for Customer Relationship Management. This new term incorporates Contact  Management, Sales Automation and related technology that improves your relationship with customers.
[4] iQuote Express  has all the hooks necessary to push information to leading accounting systems that  support this infrastructure (such as Quick Books. Various accounting systems require alternative
configurations, or may not be open architecture)
[5] Dynamic Data Exchange



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