Integrated Quotation Management Software
Feature Synopsis

Express 2.0

@$99 iQuote Express is the
Most Powerful & Userfriendly
Entry Level Quotation System
on the Market

  Sample of Features List
  • Strong Integration with Favorite Contact Manager
  • Quote Generator
  • Price Book Management
  • Quotation Tracking
  • Store OLE Attachments with quotes
  • Accounting Links
  • Quotes by Email
  • Easy to Use
  • Data Import/Export
  • Pictures on Quotations
  • Data Security
  • Networkable
  • Powerful Search Engine
Results International's iQuote Express has quickly become the quoting standard for corporations and individuals that are seeking entry level quotation technology that is simple to use yet very powerful, adaptable and scalable.  The corporations who issue sales quotations as part of their revenue generating activities will achieve a significant return on investment with iQuote Express.

Intuitive Interface

Years of studying the quotation management processes of highly efficient corporations have resulted in the iQuote Express screen layout. The screen layout is simple yet extremely powerful and provides the infrastructure necessary to utilize the latest quotation techniques of leading corporations.

  Integrated Functions

iQuote Express is a highly integrated system that ties together all phases of the quotation process. It establishes a seamless link between your price book, customer lists in your Customer Relationship Manager, Sales Representatives, Vendors and various iQuote Express compatible Accounting & ERP systems.


Attach OLE objects with your Quotations!!
Because Sometimes Just Sending a Quotation is not enough!!

  iQuote Express also allows you to store related information with your Quotations.  Word proposals, letters of reference, autocad files, excel spreadsheets etc. can all be linked to the quotes in order to provide the Full Sales Proposition to your customer while your competitors are still trying to figure out how to send an effective quote.

You can effortlessly navigate the quotation manager with the help of toolbars and our "left to right" icon methodology.

In addition, iQuote's open architecture allows for closed loop selling ... Meaning, the Customer Relationship Manager at the front end, links to the quotation manager in the middle which in turn can be linked to Accounting, Manufacturing, distribution functions at the back end. iQuote Replication for NT allows you to synchronize pricing, quotes and orders to field sales executives and remote offices!

  Contact Manager Linkage

iQuote Express ties into leading entry level and hi end Customer Relationship Managers

  iQuote Express links with the customer names and address information in:


and others




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