Your organization could generate an attractive revenue stream by providing value-added services around iQuote Express. 

If your organization currently offers effective value added training, configuration and or support services to the customer relationship, or accounting arena iQuote Business Partner status will provide an effective revenue stream for you.

iQuote Business Partner privileges include qualified leads in your area, and co marketing activities in your territory.  

Certified iQuote Business Partners are provided with the tools necessary to provide strategic training, consultation, and set up services that will unlock to full potential of iQuote Express four your customers in order to achieve maximum return on investment.

Value Added Services offered by iQuote Business Partners Include:

1.       Price Book import strategy and configuration
2.       Turn Key implementation, training.
3.       Customized quote layouts
4.       Price strategy consultation
5.       Quotation management consultation
6.       Usage scenario training
7.       Integration with back end systems
8.       Quote strategy consultation

There are many opportunities available including

iQuote Business Partner Status
iQuote Express Distributorship
Integrating your technology with iQuote
iQuote OEM or Bundling Opportunities

For more information on becoming an iQuote Business Partner or integrating your technology with iQuote
download this PDF file:


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