iQuote Replication for NT

Empower your Remote Sales force to drive quotation revenue and replicate quotes, completed orders, and updated price books between the field sales team and head office.

When used in conjunction with the synchronization component of your Customer Relationship Manager, iQuote’s replication technology enables International, National or Regional sales executives to be in sync with all the critical information necessary to increase revenue and streamline quotation consistency and productivity.

The will allow your corporation to

q       Enable inside and outside sales people to collaborate on preparing and closing quotations. Thus streamlining quotation activities in order to drive revenue.

q       Keep the team organized with the latest pricing, quote templates, orders and quotation strategies.  Thus reducing the likelihood of quotes with out of date pricing, or product configurations.

q       Allow for consolidated sales, management and product reporting from iQuote on the LAN.

q       Empower inside sales reps to prepare quotations on behalf of  the outside sales team thus reducing administrative bottlenecks to the sales proces

With iQuote replication, any changes to price books on the LAN get updated to remote users!

Thus keeping your inside and outside team on the same page regarding price and quote activities.

 iQuote replication uses LAN, WAN or Internet connectivity care of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to ensure stable, fast and secure replication.

 When connecting iQuote Replication to your accounting system you now have Closed Loop Selling.

 How ??

-Your Customer Relationship Manager and iQuote reside on the laptops of your mobile sales team.

-Outside Quotations, and Orders are replicated to iQuote on the LAN, which is connected to your LAN based accounting system.

-When prices change in your accounting system, it updates iQuote on the LAN, which is then replicated to the field sales team.

When iQuote quotes are turned into orders in the field, the information can be replicated to home base and then electronically transferred to your accounting system!

Gone are the days that orders are faxed or emailed to the accounting department with little or no consistency.


Windows NT 4.0 or higher, TCP IP protocol installed on your network
iQuote Replication starts at $325 per user
Call today at 905-940-1404 ext. 26 for details.

iQuote Strategic Usage Assistance

Turbo charge your usage of the iQuote technology care of iQuote Business Partners.

Certified iQuote Business Partners provide strategic training, consultation, and set up services that will unlock to full potential of iQuote and shave countless hours of your learning curve to achieve maximum return on investment.

Value Added Services offered by Business Partners Include.

1.       Price Book import strategy and configuration

2.       Turn Key implementation, training.

3.       Customized quote layouts

4.       Price strategy consultation

5.       Quotation management consultation

6.       Usage scenario training

7.       Integration with back end systems

8.       Quote strategy consultation

  To be connected to a business partner in your area, call 905-940-1404 ext. 23


iQuote Express to iQuote Professional Migration Path

Migration to the industrial strength version is a phone call or email away ..
For More Information on iQuote 5.0 Professional, Check out

In Summary, iQuote 5.0 Professional has additional features such including:

The Ability to have the software automatically remind you of options and accessories to primary product items. Very powerful functionality to quickly upsell quotations, and make them more profitable
Bill of Materials
The ability to create multi level bundles and sub assemblies to primary line items
       For Example .. Part Number 123 is the Amalgamation of items A, B, and C
Management of Product Images to send with Quotations
Store a library of graphic files associated to each item in the price book
Access to the iQuote Product Configurator Module

q       The product configurator, is used to define system configurations using items from the pricebook.  It was designed to automate and rapidly create quotations requiring system proposals.  The pre-defined configurator acts as a quotation guide and leads through the creation of system quotations.

q       This module will assist sales people to choose the correct, compatible parts to complete a specific system for the customer’s quotation.  For example: if you were quoting a customer on a computer, and your first part of choice is the main board, the configurator will allow the salesrep to choose only the parts which are compatible and/or ideal for the main board, and so on. This greatly increases the sales person recommending the correct combination of products for a given client.

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