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Results International and the Sant Corporation, a maker of award-winning proposal-generating software, have now formed an alliance so you can use iQuote Express with Sant's ProposalMaster and RFPMaster to streamline the process of preparing proposals and quotations, freeing your team from many busy-work aspects of the selling process.

iQuote Express lets you answer quotation requests via the Internet, rapidly develop profitable and professional-looking quotes, convert quotations into orders, and send orders to leading accounting systems (such as QuickBooks and Dynacom) without re-entering your contact data.

You can also use iQuote's replication for NT module to syncronize, price lists, orders, quotations and Word Proposals between the sales team and head office thus allowing effective collobaration of sales efforts between the inside and outsise sales team.

ProposalMaster and RFPMaster use a simple question-and-answer format and libraries of proposal text with Microsoft Word to make proposal-writing and responding to proposal requests easier and faster.

The end solution allows Quotes to be attached to the Word Proposals (or vice versa) links to your favorite sales and accounting software thus saving countless hours of time normally associated to this process and delivering very professional & effective sales documents to drive revenue.

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